Costa Rica brings a wealth of talent and Options to the table at MES2019

This year, the talented roster of Costa Rican companies will focus on strengthening and cultivating their relationships with Midmarket companies in US. Costa Rica will join one of the Channel Company’s most important event related to this segment.  Midsize Enterprise Summit will allow them to better understand each company’s business journey. By harnessing the power of the information shared through meetings, Costa Rican vendors seek to build sustainable relationships with customized solutions. The priority is in getting to know your company and providing solutions that sustain and benefit the company’s growth.

These portfolio of vendors from Costa Rica are highly knowledgeable, experienced yet affordable with services rendered in the same time zone.  Their goal is to understand a midmarket’s business journey and solve their main IT challenges, delivering solutions to US midmarket companies.

The discussions and meetings between our vendors and your company leads to:

  • Sustainable relationships
  • Insight into new tech options and alternatives which streamlines operations, and
  • The unveiling of new and customized solutions that uniquely fit each company’s business journey.

On the roster at MES 2019 are the following companies:

A fifteen-minute meeting could yield new insight into an area of your business where disruptive or seamless solutions could make a difference in your journey. Costa Rica welcomes the opportunity to support your journey,

Please contact Mr. Maykool Lopez if you wish to begin a conversation. Get ready to welcome Costa Rican talent and the difference it can make in your organization.


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