Costa Rican IT companies are world class
  • Over 34% of employees in the sector have at least a bachelor’s degree. 20% have technical or professional certifications.
  • 13% of IT companies in Costa Rica have adopted quality certifications such as ISO 9000 and CCM/CCMI. Another 22% are planning to implement quality certifications.
  • Certification in SAP, PMI, Six-Sigma, Oracle and Cisco technologies is common.
  • National programs are in place to help accelerate the transfer of new knowledge and technologies to academic institutions for the development of a more sophisticated labour pool in Costa Rica.
  • Almost 300 multinational, high tech companies have established operations in Costa Rica, including HP, IBM, Amazon, Infosys and Intel, speaking to the quality of the country and its workforce as a highly sought-after investment destination.
Costa Rican IT companies are multifaceted
  • There are over 900 Costa Rican IT companies offering a wide range of services including: software development, technology commercialization, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-learning, digital multimedia, amongst others.
  • 20% of Costa Rican IT companies earn over USD $1 million annually.
Costa Rican IT companies are building global networks
  • Costa Rica leads in value-added services exports in the Latin American region. Exports of ICT services accounted for an impressive 6.8% of GDP in 2015.
  • Almost 50% of Costa Rican IT companies are exporting.
  • 12% of exporters are exporting to Canada and 49% to the United States, accounting for 67% of all exports.
  • Top IT-related services exports include: digital multimedia, software development, e-commerce, quality assurance, integration and consulting.
  • 84% of employees in the IT sector speak English.
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