Need to accelerate growth? 20 Costa Rican IT companies ready to do business with you

Is your company looking for ways to be more profitable or accelerate growth? Maintaining a leading market position requires continuous improvement in marketing strategies, the development of innovative solutions, and maximizing profitability. With the highest expense category in an operating budget being human resources, business models are evolving to optimize efficiency and competitiveness. The most resourceful companies are finding the right mix in a combination of internal talent and the development of strategic alliances with co-development partners in countries like Costa Rica.

Costa Rican IT companies are world class and are building global networks, offering full service solutions for clients of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies and global brands, such as Disney Television, Havas, Possible and Cartoon Network. A full range of services are offered ranging from the development of comprehensive software solutions to mobile app, video game development and digital marketing. If you are looking to augment your talent team, Costa Rica is certainly worthy of consideration. A stable business environment, combined with an abundance of innovative and internationally competitive companies provides for the right climate for success.

Leading-edge companies ready to support your needs in these areas:

Internet of Things
Machine Learning & Predictive Technologies
Digital Media & Marketing
Gaming & Animation
Mobile Development
Software Engineering

At least 13% of IT companies have adopted quality certifications such as ISO 9000 and CCM/CCMI, and another 22% are planning to implement quality certifications. Technical certifications include SAP, PMI, Six-Sigma, Oracle and Cisco technologies among others.

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