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Why Costa Rica

a small country

with a huge vision

Of all the outsourcing destinations around the world, Costa Rica ranks at the top of leading outsourcing indexes.

The optimal combination of key factors, including financial attractiveness, availability of skills, a stable business environment, and cultural affinities with the North American market make Costa Rica stand out from the rest.

Five great reasons why doing business with Costa Rica is a sound and strategic decision:


Well-Educated Workforce

Costa Rica's educational system is #1 in Latin America according to the World Economic Forum (WEF).

English-Language Skills

Costa Rica ranks 2nd in Latin America and the Caribbean on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Strategic Location

Costa Rica shares a time zone with much of US and Canada, facilitating communication and enabling real-time collaboration.

Stable Business Environment

Costa Rica has enjoyed 120 years of democracy and has had no army since 1948.

Solid Reputation

Costa Rica is home to many world-renowned multinational companies and a wide range of Fortune 100 companies, including: Amazon, IBM, Procter and Gamble, Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and others.

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Like an essential essence, our country is concentrated, loaded with the unique, select value which characterizes our people


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Costa Rican IT companies are world class

Over 34% of employees in the sector have at least a bachelor’s degree. 20% have technical or professional certifications.
13% of IT companies in Costa Rica have adopted quality certifications such as ISO 9000 and CCM/CCMI. Another 22% are planning to implement quality certifications.
Certification in SAP, PMI, Six-Sigma, Oracle and Cisco technologies is common.
National programs are in place to help accelerate the transfer of new knowledge and technologies to academic institutions for the development of a more sophisticated labour pool in Costa Rica.
Almost 300 multinational, high tech companies have established operations in Costa Rica, including HP, IBM, Amazon, Infosys and Intel, speaking to the quality of the country and its workforce as a highly sought-after investment destination.

Costa Rican IT companies are multifaceted

There are over 900 Costa Rican IT companies offering a wide range of services including: software development, technology commercialization, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-learning, digital multimedia, amongst others.
20% of Costa Rican IT companies earn over USD $1 million annually.

Costa Rican IT companies are building global networks

Costa Rica leads in value-added services exports in the Latin American region. Exports of ICT services accounted for an impressive 6.8% of GDP in 2015.
Almost 50% of Costa Rican IT companies are exporting.
12% of exporters are exporting to Canada and 49% to the United States, accounting for 67% of all exports.
Top IT-related services exports include: digital multimedia, software development, e-commerce, quality assurance, integration and consulting.
84% of employees in the IT sector speak English.

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US and Canada’s IT tech hubs are booming, and Costa Rica can offer the talent pool needed to support that growth, from an ideal location and time zone.

Michelle Corriols

Director, Canada Trade Promotion Office, Procomer

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