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Location: Costa Rica
Year established: 2008
Number of Employees: 70
Annual % Exports: 90%
Markets served: United States

about us

Because we believe in an existing creative engineering capable to build wonderful solutions, not only for great business goals, but also, to improve wellness, education, services, nature, and our society. We partnered with universities, researchers, doctors, engineers, artists and more, because we’re one of the few companies who understand digital innovation as a team result.


We help people to analyze their business challenges and innovations with a multidisciplinary team, then, present multiple alternatives considering costs, time, technology and goals to maximize technology investment returns. Digital marketing agencies, small and mid size retailers, hospitals, care services, real state, sports, logistics, transportation and much more, have already experienced how the firm can take complex problems and situations, managed all the technology delivery aspects, then have a working solution.



We have helped companies like: https://rw.co/, https://www.avamere.com/, https://www.wundermanthompson.com, https://www.care.ly/

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Headcount Size: Under 50
Services: Digital Marketing & Assets Design,Software & Mobile Development / integration,Big Data & Business Intelligence,Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain
Capital: National

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