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ATTI Cyber


Location: Costa Rica
Year established: 2018
Number of Employees: 15
Annual % Exports: 30%
Markets served: USA, Central America, South America

about us

ATTI Cyber is formed by some of the most experienced cybersecurity professionals in the region.  We also base our work in profound technical knowledge, without commitment to specific brands or products.  We help our customers to take advantage to their current technologies to produce a cybersecurity roadmap.

Our Offer

We are a knowledge-based company, with global strategic alliances.  We can support our customers in the cybersecurity improvement journey, taking advantage of the current technology investment.  We have dealt with some of the most complex cybersecurity challenges in the region, and guided our customers to stay safe.


Most of the industries where data protection is important, we deal with all sizes of companies, modifying our processes to adapt to our client´s requirements.

Headcount Size: Under 50
Services: Cybersecurity & NOC
Capital: National

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