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EOS Costa Rica


Location: Costa Rica
Year established: 2018
Number of Employees: 19
Annual % Exports: 180%
Markets served: USA, Latin America, Costa Rica

about us

EOS Costa Rica is known as the most successful EOSIO technology integrator in the Americas. We developed EOSIO blockchain technology’s biggest deployment for enterprise to date for one of the six largest accounting firms in the world on a million-dollar budget project. We also develop solutions for the logistics, health, and financial sectors and have experience working with both the private and public sectors on different projects. EOSIO is a blockchain protocol that enables high scalability, speed, and flexibility for enterprise use.

Moreover, we have strong partnerships with organizations such as LACChain (a regional initiative led by a large multilateral bank to promote the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean), the Government Blockchain Association, and the Blockchain Game Alliance.


We have experience successfully integrating EOSIO blockchain technology into enterprise environments. We offer top-notch services and competitive rates without compromising thought-leadership. Also, we apply an Agile approach that allows companies of any size to create fast proofs-of-concept and prototypes to experiment with blockchain technology.


We cannot disclose much about our main projects, but you can see some information here

Headcount Size: Under 50
Services: Blockchain
Capital: National

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