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Technology Partners

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Location: Costa Rica, USA
Year established: 2000
Number of Employees: 300
Annual % Exports: 85%
Markets served: USA & Canadá

about us

We are a US owned Nearshore technology provider with 20 years of expertise to match. A leading company with offices in several countries and growing clients


The key to ensuring growth in any business is closely linked with change, at EX² Outcoding we manage any Technical and IT Staff Augmentation Services that you might require. We do not need to increase the organizational overhead to get the task done,  when you take the decision to partner with EX² Outcoding, you have the benefit of building and managing your own group of tech experts, who are working from Costa Rica, using state of the art equipment and advanced facilities.


This new external team is just as committed as your internal team and is, in fact, an extension of your own staff. This team works exclusively for you, and ascertains adherence to your processes and all the procedures involved. These factors make us at EX² Outcoding able to operate sensibly and brings for the clients the benefit of a cost-effective and exceptional Technical Staff Augmentation model.


BDX-real estate, Vicor manufacturing , Callminer-softare, Perkin-life science

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Headcount Size: More than 100
Services: Digital Marketing & Assets Design,Software & Mobile Development / integration,Big Data & Business Intelligence,BPO - Business process outsourcing,Internet of Things
Capital: International

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