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Extendo Company


Location: San José, Costa Rica
Year established: 1996
Number of Employees: 10-50
Annual % Exports: 80%

About Us

In everything we do, we believe in serving amazing customer experiences. We believe that these experiences create great business value. We work with clients to assist them in listening obsessively to the signs and signals from their customers, markets and competitors. We then help them use marketing technologies to act aggressively on these signals and craft them into new opportunities to surprise and delight their customers. We provide strategic data-driven marketing solutions that help our clients serve amazing experiences to their customers. If you believe, like we do, that serving amazing experiences to your customers will bring loyalty and new growth opportunities, then we’d like to work with you. Can we help you amaze and delight your customers today?

Our Offer

We are passionate about transforming our clients’ businesses by accompanying them in their Data Driven Marketing evolution.

What makes us different is that we combine essential areas in the digital world: Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Data Engineering.


Coca Cola, Walmart, Nissan, Audi, Aeroméxico, Banco Azteca, Oportun, Cinépolis, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad Fidélitas, Televisa, Interbus, Instacredit, Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, HSBC, Loreal, Larousse, Palacio de Hierro, SAP, etc.


Google Marketing Platform Certified (Sales & Services Partner), Optimize 360, Campaign Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Google Cloud Platform Certified, Google Analytics Certified, Google Premier Partner, Adobe Solution Partner and AWS Certified Partner.

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Headcount Size: 50 to 100
Services: Digital Marketing & Assets Design,Big Data & Business Intelligence

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