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Location: Costa Rica
Year established: 2009
Number of Employees: 20
Annual % Exports: 80%
Markets served: USA & Canada

about us

We have 10+ years of working with high-profile global brands on daily basis, delivering results and ensuring the success of the digital solutions and apps we build.We are the go-to development company for digital agencies and direct clients in need of open source expertise and innovative web solutions such as Drupal and WordPress. We use hybrid app development as a way to simplify and accelerate the development time, making things simpler and affordable for startups.


We specialize in developing top-tier Web Solutions adn Hybrid Apps using open-source technology such as Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, Laravel, Angular, React, etc. Taking only the last 12 months in consideration, we have taken part on over 50 projects for clients in Europe, USA, Canadá, México and Costa Rica. We evolve ideas into detailed wireframes and innovative solutions, fully responsive web sites, e-commerce solutions, platforms or apps; ready for any device or IOS without compromising the user experience or performance.


Media Ocean advertising services and software company, they handle over $130 billion of advertising spending a year, over 800 employees in 11 offices around the globe.  Simondata provides a customer data platform, the company has 125+ employees.


  • Drupal certified developer.
Headcount Size: Under 50
Services: Software & Mobile Development / integration
Capital: National

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