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Technology Partners

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Quality XP Development


Location: Costa Rica
Year established: 2007
Number of Employees: 15
Annual % Exports: 100%
Markets served: USA & Canadá

about us

We´re experts solving the issues that most companies don’t want to touch, dive deep where the pain points are and outline the problems to find solutions. We strive doing it openly and honestly, yes we are Software Engineers and Architects, but also understand that quality is the result of an organized, repeatable and measurable software engineering process.


We work on solutions for all types of businesses, from prototyping and proof of concept work for all size ideas, from startups to Fortune 500 companies working on hardware and software solutions for the consumer market.


We have experience in the verticals of Health Care, Information, Manufacturing, Software & Hardware, developing term relationsips with brands like Linksys, Belkin, Wemo, Bluedot.com,

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Headcount Size: Under 50
Services: Software & Mobile Development / integration,Internet of Things,Artificial Intelligence
Capital: National

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