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Technology Partners

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Fusionet Corporation


Location: Costa Rica, USA
Year established: 2008
Number of Employees: 50
Annual % Exports: 15%
Markets served: United States, Costa Rica & Mexico

about us

Our clients inspire us to constantly improve and offer the most innovator solutions on the regional and national market; reason why we keep delivering the best effort to be a model of technology in the region. Fusionet is currently operating in Costa Rica, United States and Mexico and also has worked developed projects in other countries of the region.


We strengthen the competitivity of our clients with technological solutions, along with our experience and accompaniment, that improve their productivity, increase their profitability and optimize their services.


Proven experience with clients in Financial, Goverment, BPO, Education, Construction, Healthcare.


Gold Partner Cisco, Master Collaboration Cisco, VMWare Enterprise Partner, Fortinet Partner, Intel Partner.

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Headcount Size: Under 50
Services: Big Data & Business Intelligence,Cloud Adoption & Datacenter,Internet of Things,Cybersecurity & NOC
Capital: National

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