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Technology Partners

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Year established: ​1998
Number of Employees: ​750+
Annual % Exports : ​NA
Markets served: USA, Canada and Latam

about us

NOVACOMP is a leading Nearshoring Consulting Services company that offers diverse services in the following areas: Agile Teams as a Service,  IT Staff Augmentation and outsourcing, Software Analysis, Design, Testing, and IT Talent for technical support. With over 25 years of experience, our purpose is to flawlessly help teams accelerate their journey to Digital Transformation adding our talent and skills to the client’s teams. We believe in generating synergy and streamlining execution throughout your strategic IT Projects.

We work for Fortune 500 clients such as Intel, DHL, and Dole.


Alejandro Fernández C.

Business Development Director

+506 8396-1214

[email protected]

Elizabeth Arroyave R.

Marketing Director

+506 8362-8362

[email protected]



We provide clients and partners with:

  • Agile teams as a Service
  • IT staffing and outsourcing
  • Dedicated Teams
  • BOT processes
  • White label services

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